February 13, 2014

Happy Galentine's Day!

What's Galentine's Day?

Last weekend I attended one of Chrissy's Crafty Pants parties. Being the stellar blogger I am, I took zero pictures, so if you'd like to see any you probably want to hit up this post. (I know Chrissy is planning a couple more follow-up posts, including a giveaway, so maybe check back there if you're interested!)

Honestly, felt roses and grapevine wreaths aren't my jam. For me, though, the party was less about the craft than it was about spending time with some rad people. We'll pretend I wasn't super awkward meeting online friends in person for the first time (Dear internet friends, I get less weird the longer you know me. I'm not always such a spaz in person, I promise. Love, Jen) and just focus on how lovely it was to be in the company of charming, talented, brilliant, kind, beautiful women for a few hours. And playing with glue guns. And listening to Pit Bull. It got a little weird for a while there.


There have been a few times in my adult life that were lacking the company of good female friends. Those were difficult days, full of loneliness and self-doubt. In contrast, when I have been surrounded by good women I feel secure, confident, and full of joy. Great women have brought light into my life when I felt there was none.

I've become increasingly convinced that women are one of the most powerful forces in the world. Really. When we aren't wasting our time comparing ourselves to and competing with one another, we accomplish wondrous things. We can love the unlovable. We can heal what is broken. We can make the best of the worst circumstances. We can bring light and life and change for good. Regardless of our flaws and mistakes and struggles and doubts, we are amazing.

And so, on this Galentines Day, I celebrate the gals, both those I know and those I don't. Thank you for inspiring me to be brave and adventurous. Thank you for reminding me that I'm a pretty cool person. Thank you for pushing me to be more than I am. Thank you sharing your wisdom and experience with me. Thank you for taking care of me when I was broken or scared or lost. Thank you for celebrating my successes and joys. Thank you for being yourselves, because goodness, your selves are glorious.

Please know, you poetic and noble land-mermaids, how much I love you all. And if I had a smidge more artistic talent and didn't have a fat baby and a gangly toddler climbing all over me for 97% of my day, I'd make a mosaic of each and every one of your faces.

You know you want one.


  1. Le sigh! That is why I love the blogging world. I love that it brought me you and all of the other peeps that I heart so much and it makes me less miserable and self doubty and reminds me that there are a lot of other women out there that do all the same crazy crap that I do and it really isnt all that weird afte rall... welll maybe it's weird, but at least im not alone, ya feel me? :) Anyway, I am so grateful for you and love you to pieces and all that good stuff. mkay.

  2. One of these days I hope I can make it to a blogger meet-up... even though I'm quite confident that I'm much more of a spaz than you are when it comes to meeting online friends in person. Also, I really, really REALLY want a mosaic of my face now.

    1. You should definitely come to one...maybe not the next one but when the man-cub is a little bigger.

  3. Oh how I want one! To see how one nails my fat cheeks in mosaic- now that would be to live!

    1. Not gonna lie, I'm a little tempted to give it a shot!


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