February 28, 2014

End of the month list update: February

February wasn't tremendously productive in terms of list stuffs, but I've been laying the groundwork to cross of a few items in the next month or two. I'll get there. Meanwhile, here's what I have done.

Reach out to my friends: This is still a hard one to quantify, and I didn't do as well this month as last month, but I am making an effort here. I swear.

Color my hair: Purple, y'all. Bam.

Take care of my health issues: I met with an endocrinologist earlier this week. She ordered some tests to see if my thyroid might be the problem. We'll see how that goes. Getting blood drawn is the worst.

Bake something new each month: I tried making 30 minute rolls the other night. They took closer to 45 minutes and tasted way too yeasty. I'm not having much luck with the baking so far this year. Maybe I should avoid breads and stick to cakes.

Go to the Gilbert temple: I went to the open house twice this month and was in awe. It is simply breathtaking. The girls were so good both times...completely maxed out by the time we were done, but I can't say I blame them. Mila still talks about the "byooful sparkly light" (the chandelier in the celestial room).
The temple dedication is this Sunday; my parents will be in town again and have offered to watch the girls so David and I can attend together. Should be a lovely Sabbath.

Grow a more successful garden: We moved the box, smothered the grass underneath, and filled it with dirt. I'm a little worried that I started my seeds too late since it's already so warm out, but I have a few plans in mind to keep things protected from the excessive heat. More details to come.

Remodel the kitchen: A new oven hardly counts as remodeling, but it's nice to have shiny new appliances amidst our ghetto fabulous fruit tile and mismatched counters. It's a daily reminder that the rest of the space could use a facelift.

Post a monthly think piece: Maybe you think my Galentines post doesn't count but I'm gonna say it does. So there.

Contribute to Tipsaholic and The Beesley Project: Some of my favorite posts over there include "Love at Home" and "7 Valentine's Books". I'm not big on the Valentine stuffs, but I appreciate a good book roundup. And Sam's thoughts on being kind and loving at home as well as everywhere else are, as usual, just great.

Anyone else still plugging along at new year's resolutions/goals?


  1. This is going to sound stupid, but I've been waiting for two months for anyone to say that they liked one of my Beesley posts. Everyone else has been shared on FB. Alas, not me. So thanks for the shoutout!

    1. You are amazing and your posts reflect that. I will make a point of sharing--in general, because I do it so infrequently--with more regularity.


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