May 10, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Like crazy!

The squashes are blossoming.

The peas are climbing.

The green beans are almost ready to be eaten. 

The pumpkins are attempting to scale our wall and take over the neighborhood.

The carrots are, I assume, growing happily downward. The tomatoes and peppers, sadly, do not appear to have survived. But I think the melons--despite the pumpkins' best efforts to monopolize that corner of the garden--are holding their own. We'll see how they're faring in a week or two.

Not to call the game early or anything, since there's not much produce being produced just yet, but I'd say our hasty experiment is a success, wouldn't you? Next year we'll do a few things a little differently, though. Start the tomatoes indoors, for one. Expand, for another. Attempt better grass and weed control, for a third.

Still. I'm proud of us. We're growing food! In our yard! It's awesome!

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