February 6, 2013

Our little patch of earth

Check out what we did last weekend:

We built us a tiny box of dirt that will eventually grow up to be a tiny garden!

(And when I say "we built it" I mean David built it. Because let's be honest: I'm seven months pregnant. I feel pretty proud of myself just for loading and unloading the dishwasher these days. There's no sense in pretending I'm hefting around giant bags of gardening soil.)

It was a pretty spontaneous thing, this garden of ours. We realized on Friday that it's nearly spring in this part of the world, and if we didn't want to wait until October to plant things we should probably get moving. That night I did some quick research on square foot gardening, Phoenix growing seasons, and the like. Saturday morning we determined where we wanted to put a little raised bed, and, after lunch, made a quick stop at Home Depot for supplies and seeds.

I really didn't expect to get anything put together until next weekend, but David spent the next hour raking and mowing, sawing and drilling, and before I knew what had happened, he had things ready for me to start planting! Well, almost. We need to get a couple more bags of dirt to fill it up a bit more, and I forgot to grab some green bean seeds, but other than that we're all set.

We probably won't put anything in the ground until this weekend or next. I'd hate to lose our first tiny seedlings to a late frost. Still, I'm super excited to make this happen. Not only will tending our garden give Mila and me an excuse to get out in the sunshine and fresh air while the weather is nice, but I can cross something else off my list! Hooray!

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