December 4, 2012

Mila Monday: Seventy-nine Weeks (Tuesday Edition)

My sweet girl is sick sick sick.
She had kind of a weird day on Sunday but we didn't realize something was wrong until she started barking like a seal after we put her down for bed. Yesterday was spent at the pediatrician for a diagnosis (likely just a cold but watch for a fever), Target for some drugs and other necessities, and on the couch snuggling and watching more Elmo than any sane person should be subjected to. Today has been more of the same. I'm feeling a bit stir crazy but what can you do? At least she slept through the night.

Periodically she'll start moaning pitifully, "Oh no! Oh no! Mama! Mila! My daddy! Oh no! Med-sin! Oh no!" and it breaks my heart. Every time she eats something, she'll cough, which brings up some phlegm, which gets stuck in her throat, which makes her throw up, which means her little tummy has been mostly empty for over 24 hours. I finally got her to eat and drink something (potato chips and watered down apple juice) and she has kept it down for over an hour now, so there's hope that at least she won't die of dehydration.
Poor baby. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Oh no! I hope that we didn't get you sick from Thanksgiving! Poor baby! Livy is just barely over the same thing! Her's turned out to be a cold turned bad into an ear infection! Hopefully Mila's wont be like that! Love on her for me!


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