May 13, 2015

Carousel Macabre

You know how sometimes stuff intended for little kids is actually indescribably creepy?
Welcome to the carousel we rode on last week. IT WANTS TO EAT YOUR FACE
The girls were blissfully unaware of anything out of the ordinary... the fact that their "pink ponies" were undeniably carnivorous and probably had the plague.

And that these "beautiful rainbow horses" were probably going to steal their souls if I turned my back.

I mean seriously. That ravenous side eye. Yikes.
Also, who created this lovely work of art? A deranged spray-paint-loving clown?

ANYWAY. Amongst all the rejected horses of the apocalypse were two giraffes and one chicken.
I don't get it either.

Fortunately we survived two (surprisingly fast and un-seat-belted) go-rounds without losing any digits or being turned into blood-thirsty werepoultry or something. Bonus: I didn't get motion sick. All in all it was a successful, if a bit disconcerting, outing.

The things we do for our kids.

May 11, 2015

Mila Monday

Amelia: 206 weeks + Margot: 108 weeks

She doesn't like getting her picture taken anymore, but sometimes if we're doing something extra fun she will humor me.
Like when we went to Desert Breeze Park to ride a tiny train last Friday.
They held hands during the entire ride and were so happy.
It was perfect.

May 7, 2015

Baby #3: Some FAQs

Thanks for all the kind words on Friday's announcement! It's weird and wonderful and exciting and terrifying, and nearly four months in it's only just starting to feel real.

Because I'm sure you're curious and because I'm excited to talk about it and because these are legit questions people have asked since we started spreading the good news, here's the scoop on pregnancy #3.
Really? You're pregnant??

Yes. Yes I am. You figured it out. Congrats and gold star for you!

When are you due?

Halloween. Not around then; October 31 is my actual due date. Of course after Margot, I'm planning on dressing up and taking the girls trick-or-treating and having a baby a week or so later. (TL,DR: Margot was 10 days late. Babies: so unpredictable.)

Is it a boy or a girl?

We will find out in a month or two. In theory I like the idea of waiting until the delivery, but I kind of figure if we can find out ahead of time, why not?

How do the girls feel about it?

Mila is over the moon. She asks about the baby all the time and tells me, "I will feed the baby and give it little toys to play with and it will be so so cute." I don't think Margot quite gets it yet, but she will. And she LOVES babies, so I'm not worried. They'll be the best big sisters, I just know it. 


How are you feeling?

Much better these days, thanks. That first trimester was icky. Mild, I know, compared to many women's experience, but not exactly fun. I was soooooo tired, not sleeping well, getting up like five times in the night to use the bathroom, and if I wasn't actively putting food in my mouth, I felt nauseated. I ate a lot of rice chex and pretzels and popcorn for a while, and the girls watched way more TV than they ever have in their short lives. We survived. Now I'm in my second trimester and it's comparatively glorious.

Was this planned?

That is, frankly, none of your business...but yes, it was. We've known since Margot was born that there was at least one more child waiting to join our family. It was only a matter of timing.

Don't you have fertility problems or something?

Yes. I have PCOS. I know women who have far more symptoms and greater difficulty staying healthy than I do, so I'm very grateful that my version is fairly mild. That said, I ovulate very infrequently, and I take birth control pretty religiously in order to keep my cysts and hormones in check.

Mila was a miracle baby, but Margot was the result of taking fertility drugs. We used the same medication--Femara--this time. My body does not respond well to Clomid, which is often the first choice for fertility issues, but Femara does the trick.
Are you still taking medication for depression/anxiety? 

Yes. For now.

Won't that hurt the baby?

I had similar concerns and discussed them with my doctor months ago, before I was ready to go off birth control. He gave me a new prescription which is safe during most of pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I made the switch last November. We were very worried about my mental stability--enough so that we would have waited to have more children until we could figure out a solution to help me be healthy and sane and pregnant--but this option has worked really well for me.

My midwife has mentioned that I will have to be weaned off of it before my third trimester, though. We will probably discuss that further at my next appointment. For now, the crazy brain is in check. All is well.

So. I think that about covers it. If you have any other questions--about being pregnant with two crazy littles running around, about being pregnant and also having mental health issues, about PCOS, about my current cravings (yesterday it was Iceberg fries with fry sauce), or about anything else--I'm an open book. Leave a comment, send me an email...I'd love to talk!

Thanks again for being excited for us! We're so looking forward to having a new addition to our family and all the extra chaos and joy that comes with it!

All photos by Photography Hill

May 4, 2015

Mila Monday

Amelia: 205 weeks + Margot: 107 weeks

I love watching them explore, even when it's just in our front yard.

They are so delighted by little things that I often take for granted.
Having the chance to see the world with fresh childlike wonder as an adult is one of the best benefits of being a parent I can think of. Everything is new and interesting and worthy of examination.
Everything seems brighter and more exciting with them around.

May 1, 2015

I've got some good news!

Can you guess what it is? I'll give you three hints.

Hint #1:

Hint #2:

Hint #3:
And if that's not a complete giveaway, call me and I'll explain it to you, bless your sweet lil heart.

We're pretty excited!

All photos courtesy of Alex Stevens Photography
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