July 30, 2014


Amelia: 165 weeks and Margot: 67 weeks

Clearly I'm not on my A-game this week, as Mila Monday is already two days late. Now that the kitchen is close to being finished we've been spending a lot of time putting the house back in order. It's exhausting but feels so good to get back to a sense of normalcy. It means blogging isn't exactly a priority at the moment, but that's how life goes, right?

We drove up to my parents' Sunday afternoon to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday with everyone. Unfortunately I didn't get one single picture of the birthday boy with my girls. I did, however, grab a quick shot of my mom, grandma, and Mila snuggling her youngest second cousin.

And this one of my dad holding Margot while she tries to grab my phone. Sigh.

Not stellar photography, but definitely happy memories. I love seeing my girls and my parents together; they love each other so much. Family is the best.

July 25, 2014

The Bloom of the Week || 7

These are yellow bells.

I found them when the girls and I went to visit Aunt Emily and Cora in Tempe earlier this week.

I expect that I'll eventually run out of new flowers to photograph but thus far I've been surprised at how many there are. I can think of two in particular that I need to capture before their season is over, and another that I am waiting impatiently to fully bloom, and my running list keeps growing.

It's a nice reminder that beauty can be found even in the blistering 117 degree heat.

Speaking of pretty things, I'd like to add to my black and white gallery wall (which I still haven't shared with you) but am not sure what pieces to include. Here are some that I'm considering: this pretty line drawing, these words, the moon and the sea, these papercut mountains, a map of Chicago (which is no longer available through Joss & Main but I'm sure I could find something similar), and a dance party.

I also want something large for the wall above the sectional in that same room...preferably something colorful. I keep coming back to Roy Lichtenstein's work--something like this--but large framed art can be so expensive. Maybe it's worth the investment? Maybe I should DIY something?

Despite the fact that I am currently in the middle of two books and have two more in queue, I'm gonna put this one on reserve at the library. When did I start reading nonfiction? It's like I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Last but not least, you should probably follow me on Instagram (I'm jenbosen) because sometimes Mila does this and I post pictures of it. That girl is awesome.

Happy Friday, everyone!

All images taken on my iPhone using the VSCO Cam app.

July 24, 2014

Kitchen update: IT'S A KITCHEN!

Let me preface this by saying it's not finished. Not even close. We're still waiting on tile and a few drawer pulls. We can't hang the range hood thing until the wall is tiled. We haven't picked out sconces yet. (My fault. I can't commit.) There's one cabinet that still needs a door; it's a weird space that we knew we'd have to tweak somehow so it would work. I didn't even clear off counters or anything away before taking pictures. Let's not get started on how long it has been since I last mopped the floor because it has been so long that I truly don't know.

But. Behold! Kitchen!

Forgot  what it looked like before? Allow me to remind you.

This is why before photos are so great. I forget just how bad things were and in the midst of the chaos I'm like, WHY ARE WE DOING THIS WHAT WERE WE THINKING JUST BURN IT TO THE GROUND, and then I see that pic and I'm like, ah yes. Worth it. Worth every stressful second of it.

We are still sorting out where food and things should go--the pantry is far from organized right now--but so far we are really happy with this new setup. I made flatbread last night to go with our dinner (we tried Design Mom's crock pot chicken gyros) and got to knead dough on my new counters for the first time. It was heavenly to actually have space where I could do that!

David and I are both dreading the day that we know will eventually come: most of the walls and ceiling still need to be sanded and prepped for paint. Yuck.

But we're sooooo close! And the day it's done will be the happiest of my life. Okay, maybe not the happiest. Our wedding day, the births of our children, then the day we finished our kitchen reno. Third best day ever ain't too shabby.

It's gonna be so good. I can't wait.

July 23, 2014

I wear lipstick now. Lipstick is cool.

Disclaimer: this post is not even a little bit sponsored. Nobody contacted me about any campaigns, sent me any products, or asked for my feedback on anything. I'm not being compensated in any way for what I'm about to tell you. I'm not cool enough for that. I just really like this stuff and, being the nerdy fangirl that I am, want to share it with you. So you there you go.

 Let's talk about makeup.

Oh, did you think you were going to get out of all the girly stuffs because I've been too lazy to take photos of all my beskirted outfits? I'm sorry, friend. You were deceived. Girly stuff ahoy.

Makeup. I don't wear much of it. In fact, I often don't wear any. My showers usually consist of a five minute scrub-down while singing "The Wheels on the Bus" to Margot--who insists on staring awkwardly at me while I get clean because she is a creeper baby--so you shouldn't be surprised to learn that I rarely spend much time on my appearance.

However, I'm a thirty-one-year-old mom. I'm a tired thirty-one-year-old mom. And I look tired. And thirty-one. And while thirty-one ain't so bad, it's a blow to the ego to be told "you look as tired as I feel" as frequently as I do. So when someone mentioned this lipstick at the very first blogger meetup I went to, I vowed to try it. Why not, right?

You guys. This stuff is something like the bomb. I now own it in four colors and wear it practically every day. Even when I'm otherwise barefaced, I put some of this one so I don't look all pale and washed out and sad. I love it. Whoever you are who recommended it, I owe you some cookies.
It's Revlon's Colorburst Balm Stain. I buy it at Target. It feels smooth like chapstick when you put it on and really does stain your lips for quite a while, which is good because it wipes off pretty easily. If you can avoid kissing anyone or drinking anything for about ten minutes, you're good for about half the day. Things I dislike: the lids don't stay on very well. See how I cracked the orangey one? I tried to force it to stay on and pushed too hard. Oops. Other than that, though, I'm a huge fan.

But what does it look like? Let me show you. By the way, I literally sat on my dining room floor and tried on each color in the order you see them above, took a selfie, then scrubbed the color off. The things I do for you people...

This is what I do on a quick makeup day:
Concealer under my eyes and in the corners of my nose, a little blush so I'm not all washed out, and mascara because my eyelashes are straight and fair. Almost done. (Also this is what my hair usually looks like too. Messy ponytails are a summer staple, no?) Lipstick is last for me.

This is what I look like in "honey", the light pink on the left:

It's not a dramatic difference but don't you think I look a little more finished? It's like my lips, but better.

Here is "rendezvous", which was the first color I tried, by far my favorite, and the one I wear most often:
This is "lovesick". I wear it when I'm feeling extra confident because it's a lot more purple in real life. By the way, who names this crap? Lovesick? Really?
And this is "romantic". I usually use it to deepen the other colors a little rather than wearing it by itself, but it's a decent red without being RED, y'know?
Who woulda guessed I'd ever be a lipstick person? All those years my mom told me, "You need to go put some lips on," she was totally right. Sorry I didn't believe you till now, Mom. Thanks for the good advice.

I think I've filled my self portrait quota for a while, don't you think? Maybe let's not do this ever again.

July 21, 2014

Mila Monday

Amelia: 164 weeks and Margot: 66 weeks

We've been stalking the two waffle trucks around town a lot this summer. Like, a lot. So much so that "waffle truck" has become a frequent game at our house. David--being the awesome creative dad that he is--converted the girls' truck into a play waffle truck.

SO MUCH CUTE. With the cardboard waffles and Mila asking everyone, "What kind of waffle would you like? I don't have any mutella but I have lotsem raspberries!" and Margot bobbing her little head like, "Yeah! Raspberries! That sounds great!"

I am kind of loving this phase. Mila is so creative, and Margot is finally big enough and totally content to play along with her. My goal is to do more to encourage this because it makes everyone so happy.

Also, David has been meaning to write up a post about this little truck he made. It's kind of a showstopper when he takes it anywhere. The girls adore it. Have I ever mentioned how great he is?
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