December 18, 2014

Jibber Jabber, ep. 8

Some gems from Miss Mila. Because it's been a while. And because she is funnier than I am. You're welcome.

After watching this bad lipreading video for Twilight:
Her: "What is dat movie about?"
Me: "It's about a girl who thinks she needs a boyfriend to be happy."
Her: "But she has a daddy?"
Me: "Yes, she does."
Her: "Daddies are boys. So dat's like a boyfriend."
Me: "Sort of..."
Her: "If she has a daddy den she can be happy."
Me: ...


Thinking about how yoga the previous day had been way harder than it should've been:
Me: "Man, my bum is sore this morning!"
Her: "Maybe you didn't wipe your bum bery good."
Me: ...


Hearing David and I discussing what a big flirt Margot is:
Me: "She's already got such a personality...we're gonna be in so much trouble."
Her: "But I don't want my sister to have a personality!"

Running into the living room fresh out of the bathtub:
Her: "Nakie buns power!!!"
Me: *all the laughing*


In the car while running errands:
Her: "I saw a bee truck!"
Me: "You saw a what?"
Her: "A bee truck."
Me: "Like, with the letter B or a picture of a bee?"
Her: "A picture of one. A busy buzzy busy buzzy bee-biddle-oo-diddle-dee. A. Bee. Truck."
Me: "Well all right then."


Trying to plan ahead even though I still hadn't finished Christmas shopping yet:
Me: "What shall we get Daddy for his birthday?"
Her: "Um...maybe not soggy socks."
Me: ...


Checking on the girls because they were being suspiciously quiet:
Me: "What are you guys up to?"
Her: "Me and Margot are going to see da temple lights to see if dere is any creatures stirring in da darkness."

This child. She kills me dead. And I don't know about you, but I'm a leetle bit nervous now about creatures stirring in the darkness. Yikes.

December 15, 2014

Mila Monday

Amelia: 185 weeks and Margot: 87 weeks

Things have been a little crazy around here, putting Christmas decorating a little lower on the priority list than I had hoped it would be. Such is life sometimes. We did get ourselves a Christmas tree last week, and this morning I finally put the lights on it. The girls were beyond excited to put some "orgaments" on it.

We bought them at Ikea the first Christmas after we were married. I'm so glad we still have them. They're pretty much indestructible and if they did break I wouldn't feel bad about it. They don't match any of my other Christmas decor. We didn't even have ornament hooks; David jimmied some for us out of (I think) industrial sized staples that first year and I never got around to replacing them. They're super fancy.

But who cares? Mila has completely covered the bottom half of the tree in baubles. Margot has been carrying this heart around with her for at least an hour. They are so happy.
And that makes my mama heart happy. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

December 8, 2014

Mila Monday

Amelia: 184 weeks

She still likes to ride her rocking horse. The only difference is now she rides it too fast for me to take a decent picture.

That and those long skinny legs. Where did my baby go and who is this teenager?!

Margot: 86 weeks

She was trying to make herself a bed to lie down in but the couch kept getting in the way.

This age is my favorite. She's just so funny.

December 2, 2014

Mila Tuesday

Amelia: 183 weeks & Margot: 85 weeks

I meant to post yesterday, but between recovering from Thanksgiving at the padres' and trying to get the house all sparkling clean for Christmas decorating the day got away from me.

We had fun in the 'slow, though. Lots of swinging and throwing rocks in the irrigation ditch, jumping on the trampoline and eating all the delicious things, snuggling in front of a movie and looking at all the stars we can't see at was perfect.

I'm so thankful for these cookie cutter blondies of mine. They make my heart explode with all the mama feels.

November 26, 2014

End of the month list update: October & November

Confession: I've all but given up on a handful of my goals this year. My mind is already on next year and, if you don't care about my list update, feel free to skip to the end of this post because I could really use your input.

I don't care that much about learning to play something new on the piano right now. Joining a gym is more cost-prohibitive than I expected, especially since I would need to pay for childcare in order to go at any time other than the the middle of the night.

Since I was largely in charge of our ward's Halloween party, I was too busy to even think about doing a Dia de los Muertos photo shoot at Guadalupe. (I did, however, take a ton of pics at Lafayette Cemetery #1 in NOLA, and I may still hit up Guadalupe another time. We'll see.)

Gardening is not really my forte, as it turns out, although David's not ready to call it quits yet. Maybe next year will be better? The master bedroom hasn't been touched, and I'm not sure a lack of cleaning schedule is my real problem.

Think pieces happen when they happen, and calling them "think pieces" feels a little presumptuous anyway. And we all know how regularly I've been contributing to Tipsaholic and the Beesley Project. (Rarely if ever. Cue waves of guilt and shame.)

That said, I have done a few things...

Go on a vacation sans babies: Our New Orleans trip was less of a vacation for David than for me since he had to work for part of it, but we did get to explore, relax, and enjoy each other's company. I'll be sharing more thoughts on that adventure soon.

Purge my closet: Last month I bagged up nearly half of the clothes and shoes I owned. It's quite liberating. Unless someone wants to claim it, I'm donating everything this week. Hashtag thankful.

Figure out my health issues: Had another appointment with my doctor wherein we discussed changing up my meds. So that's happening. And I'm doing some work on my own to see how I can reduce the anxiety in my life without medical intervention. We'll see how December treats me. Could be great; could be a hot mess. I'm hoping for not the hot mess.

Bake something new every month: There was pumpkin cake, brownies, cookies, and more. I'm starting to lose track of all the treats I eat. Maybe it's better that way. That said, those cookies are AMAZING.

Go to the Gilbert temple: I was able to go with our ward's youth to do baptisms for the dead. I handed out towels. It was so sweet to see those kids' happy faces as they came out of the water.

Try five new-to-me foods: New Orleans gave me turtle soup, grilled oysters, fried alligator, and beignets. Every bite was spectacular and I'll be forever grateful.

Remodel the kitchen: Not done. Never done. But very slow progress is happening. Just a little more patching on the ceiling, lots of sanding, then all the finish work. We can do this, right?

This mesmerizing piece was in the NOLA art museum's sculpture garden; it's called "Karma." It's been on my mind a lot this week.

I've recently been taught some hard lessons about myself; it seems some changes are in order. My goals have been pretty arbitrary until now, which is a missed opportunity. I need to decide out what I want out of life, but more than that, I need to find ways to make life better for those around me. Two questions keep coming to mind: Are my goals helping me become the person I want to be? Are they enabling me to be a greater influence for good?

There's still another month left in 2014, and I'll be spending much of it making plans for a better, more uplifting 2015. With that in mind, will you help me?

What goals have you set that have helped you be a better, kinder, more grateful person?

What kinds of things can I share here to encourage and inspire you, both in big and small ways?

Thanks for being my little support group. Truthishly, you guys are pretty awesome.
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